Is Sherlyn Chopra READY to create her own fairy-tale?

Is Sherlyn Chopra READY to create her own fairy-tale?


By now, it’s a given that the hottie siren Sherlyn Chopra is on the verge of owning the social media space, thanks to all her posts that garners a million likes and has her ‘followers’ hungry for more. Even though she is a ‘Chopra’ girl, she is a different breed altogether in comparison to the other Chopra girls of Bollywood viz., Priyanka Chopra and Parineeti Chopra.

After having set the internet afire with her oh-so-hot photographs recently, Sherlyn Chopra’s recent post speaks about her creating her very own fairy-tale. She captioned the adjoining photograph as “#she is here to #create her very #own #fairytale #believeintheself ❤️ #sherlynchopra pic by #luvisrani @luvisrani”. Sherlyn Chopra looked extremely hot in the purple coloured dress, which is reason enough for the temperatures to soar high, despite the upcoming monsoon season! As always, the man behind the ‘capturing’ of Sherlyn Chopra’s fairy tale is the well-known photographer Luv Israni.

As for the films, like everyone else, we too are waiting for Sherlyn Chopra to make her next announcement. Do keep a watch on this space for developments.