WOW! Sonam Kapoor joins Harvard Business School’s panel in their session on...

WOW! Sonam Kapoor joins Harvard Business School’s panel in their session on gender series


Do you remember the times when Sonam Kapoor stood up to talk about women rights, when she crashed the myth about beauty and revealed about how much of makeover an actress has go through before every scene or appearance? Known to speak her heart out, the actress has always made it a point to express her opinion related to issues especially concerning women. And now she has been invited by the prestigious Harvard Business School.

The Harvard Business School’s India Research Center, as part of the ‘Best of Harvard in South Asia’ will be launching their Gender Series later this month. The platform, that conducts lectures, roundtables, panel discussions and debates around substantive topics, will have its

first conversation in the series with HBS Professor Geoffrey G. Jones, Isidor Straus Professor of Business History & Faculty Chair of the Business History Initiative, on the topic ‘Beauty : Limiting or Liberating’. For the same, the institution has invited Sonam Kapoor, who is known to be a fashionista, to join the esteemed panel.

Sonam Kapoor will share insights and participate in the interesting debate that promises to be an eye-opener. The National Award winning actress, who have raised the bar for Indian fashion, will talk about the pitfalls and challenges associated with both notions of beauty and the aspiration to look “beautiful”.

One of the main reasons why the actress joined the panel was because of her attempts on social media where she has condemned body shaming and other such myths. She posted an open letter last year, titled “I Didn’t Wake Up Like This” busting the various stereotypes related to flawlessness. The star has also been very vocal about embracing individual beauty.

Talking about this, Sonam Kapoor said, “I look forward to joining the conversation conducted by the HBS .I think the subject is very relevant to our time.”