Sachin A Billion Dreams box office collection day 1: Cricket’s Baahubali Sachin...

Sachin A Billion Dreams box office collection day 1: Cricket’s Baahubali Sachin Tendulkar claims his throne


For various reasons Sachin Tendulkar’s biopic, Sachin: A Billion Dreams is expected to create a storm. Firstly, it is about one of the living legends of cricket, who had been quite popular during his days on the field. Secondly, the film might be a major throwback to those days when you heard the chant ‘Sachin Sachin’ almost everywhere. The long wait is finally over. Sachin Tendulkar’s biopic has released in 2400 screens in India and 400 screens overseas and how did Sachin A Billion Dreams faired on box office on Friday?

According to updates on morning shows, the film saw almost 40% occupancy in most places, which is good for a Friday which is a working day. The film will focus on emotional connect that people have with Sachin and is likely to do very well at the box office. Given that Baahubali 2 is losing steam finally, cricket’s Baahubali Sachin is here to replace the SS Rajamouli blockbuster.
With this release, Sachin Tendulkar will become the first Indian to have a biographical drama on his life journey where he will be portraying his own role. He has been included in the league of Mohammad Ali, Ayrton Senna, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Jordan, who have had such biographical drama’s based on them.

The film will resonate with the viewers on a deeper level as the makers have used real-life footage of moments when the whole nation’s trust rested on Sachin to hit a sixer or score a boundary. You can almost feel goosebumps when you hear the chant ‘Sachin Sachin’. It has the most real representation of facts with which you can immediately feel an intimate connection and might act as a major throwback to those days when your house was filled with people only to watch Sachin bat. With that, comes an intimate and immediate connection to the person it is based on.

Films, in general, have the power to move you. But biographical drama’s have the power to inspire change. The biographical drama, Sachin: A Billion Dreams has been written and directed by James Erskine. The film encompasses the personal insights on Sachin Tendulkar’s life from his family, first hand. For the first time, his family, his mother, brother, wife, will be seen talking about the living legend.